Adel ars. sulf rub. trituration tablet 3x

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bottle of 20 gm Trituration Tablet
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 Product Use: ARSENICUM SULPHURATUM RUBRUM TRITURATIONArsenicum Sulphuratum Rubrum is a red sulphide of Arsenic. It is especially used in skin complaints like psoriasis and eczema and cases of influenza .Skin complaintsPsoriasis, acne, itching of various parts with pus filled dischargesPellagra i.e deficiency of vitamin niacinEczema and furunclesFeels cold and Chilly even before a fireOther complaintsInfluenza with intense catarrhal symptoms like running nose, cough, etcGreat weakness and high temperatureBase of the head has headache in young girlsLeucorrh