Amway satinique hairfall control shampoo

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Information about Amway satinique hairfall control shampoo

 Product Use: Amway Satinique Hairfall Control Shampoo is a pampering shampoo helps reduce hair loss due to breakage and leaving it looking fuller and thicker. It contains Enerjuve, that helps restore hair to its healthy-looking state, with a unique blend of Ginseng, Eclipta Alba Extract and Mulberry Leaf Extract that help increase circulation of the scalp while energizing and stimulating the scalp with massage. Helps provide a healthy environment to encourage new hair growth. Benefits of Amway Satinique Hairfall Control Shampoo: Helps restore fullness by leaving hair looking thicker, when used as a system of Hairfall Control Shampoo, Conditioner, and Scalp Tonic. This positively charged complex of strengthening lipids, reinforcing creatine, and smoothing 18-MEA works three ways to correct the negative charge found in damaged hair. It penetrates the core, selectively binds to damaged areas, and rebuilds weak spots to repair and revitalize from the inside out. Direction for use: Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage into a lather, and rinse.