Amway nutrilite multi carotene softgels

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bottle of 90 soft gelatin capsules
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Information about Amway nutrilite multi carotene softgels

 Product Use: Nutrilite Multi Carotene soft gelatin Capsules is a powerful, fat-soluble blend that contains all-natural carotenoid compounds from three concentrates : dunaliella salina algae , tomato and marigold flowers. Provides wide range of antioxidant activity and supports skin, eye & immunity health. Role of key ingredients: Beta carotene ( from dunanliella salina algae) which is vitamin A precursor that can be converted to vitamin A when needed. Vitamin A is a nutrient that promotes growth and repair of body tissues, bone formation, healthy skin ,hair & eye health. Beta carotene also has an antioxidant activity and supports counteract damage from free radicals. Lycopene (from tomato extracts). Lycopene is an orange-red colored carotenoid that exhibits powerful anti-oxidant activity which helps prevent free radical damage. Lutein (from marigold flowers). Lutein is concentrated in the macula of eye and provides antioxidant protection to retina. Dosage: One softgel per serving three times a day , preferably with meals Use under medical supervision.