Adel ammonium carbonicum dilution 30 ch

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bottle of 10 ml Dilution
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 Product Use: Ammon Carb Dilution This remedy is prepared from a chemical i.e. Carbonate of ammonia. It is used for asthma, cough, profuse periods, Kidney failure, sorethroat, cold and bleeding from nose. Mind Forgetfulness Sad, weeping; especially during stormy weather Hearing other talk and even talking makes her sad and unreasonable Nose Cold with nose block especially at night Allergic rhinitis with snuffling in children Bleeding from nose after washing face and after eating Difficulty in breathing through nose; keeps mouth open to breath Throat Sore throat Burning pain in throat Ulcers on tonsils (diphtheria) Enlarged tonsils and glands of neck Abdomen and Rectum Heart burn Nausea Increased appetite, but feels full easily Bleeding piles especially during periods Stool hard, passed after straining Female Genitals Menses increased flow, shortening of cycle Blood clotted, dark black Cramps in abdomen during menses White discharge ( Leucorrh