Adel aloe soc dilution 200 ch

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bottle of 10 ml Dilution
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 Product Use: Aloe Socotrine DilutionThis remedy is prepared from a plant i.e. socotrine aloe. It is used for loose motions, piles (haemorrhoids), Gas bloat, headache and backache.MindAngerIrritabilityDissatisfied about himselfDislike towards workHeadHeadache with backache and constipationHeadache after passing stools worse from heatAbdomenPain and heaviness, especially around navelGas bloatBackache with bloating of abdomenOld beer loversloose motions from beerAversion to meats, and craving for juicy foodsRectumPiles bleeding, sore and hot, like a bunch of grapes; relieved by cold water applicationHeaviness felt in rectumBurning pain in anus and rectumStools passed unnoticed making him insecure and socially reservedStools loose, lumpy, watery and with lots of mucusJelly like stoolsLot of gas is passed with stool, noisyCramps in abdomen before and while passing stoolsDiarrh