Adel arnica dilution 1000 ch

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 Product Use: Arnica Montana DilutionMindFears touch, or the approach of anyone. Unconscious; when spoken to answers correctly, but relapses. Wants to be let alone.HeadHot, with cold body; confused; sensitiveness of brain, with sharp, pinching pains. Scalp feels contracted. Cold spot on forehead. Chronic vertigo; objects whirl about especially when walking.FaceSunken; very red. Heat in lips. Herpes in face.StomachLonging for vinegar. Distaste for milk and meat. Canine hunger. Vomiting of blood. Pain in stomach during eating. Oppressive gases pass upward and downward. Pressure as from a stone. Feeling as if stomach were passing against spine. Fetid vomiting.AbdomenStitches under false ribs. Distended; offensive flatus. Sharp thrusts through abdomen.StoolStraining of tenesmus in diarrh