Aclaim toothpaste

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tube of 70 gm Toothpaste
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Information about Aclaim toothpaste

 Product Use: Aclaim toothpaste contains nano-particles of hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in bones and the teeth. This mineral gives bones and teeth their strength and structure. Aclaim Toothpaste is used to treat hypersensitive teeth and help with the re-mineralization of the teeth as well. Manufactured using the latest in dental technology, it repairs micro cracks of teeth and safe for long term use with no side effects. This nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste helps smooth out the rough surface of teeth. Directions of use:Use a soft bristle toothbrush, apply Aclaim toothpaste and brush your teeth for about 2 to 4 minutes.Make sure to gently brush all the affected areas. Use twice daily for maximum results. Use under Medical Supervision