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 Product Use: Phosphoricum Acidum also known as simply Acid Phos. It is a very useful homeopathic remedy specially use in kidney,diabetes, rhachitis and periosteal inflammation. Acid Phos also used in neurosis in stump and other urine related treatment. It has very important symptoms to diagnose the disease . Phosphoricum Acidum or acid Phos is perfectly fit in young people who grow rapidly and who are overtaxed, physically or mentally. Whenever the structure has been exposed to the ravages of insightful disease, excesses, grief, loss of vital fluids, acid phos should be used. In effect, in homeopathy, Acid Phos. is normally believed to be a severe or semi-severe remedy for the consequences of anguish and fatigue . In effect, the most typical aspect of the mentals of this homeopathic medication is a strange emotional detachment. Use under medical supervision.