Adel abies nigra dilution 1000 ch

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 Product Use: Abies Nigra Dilution Abies Nigra is a homeopathic remedy for treating stomach symptoms. This homeopathic remedy is best suited for the following complaints: For old persons who have poor digestion and experience bloating, heaviness of stomach Suited to persons with a habit of having lot of tea and tobacco after which the gastric complaints have started Stomach Stomach complaints after meals.Unable to eat anything in the morning.Constricted feeling near the stomach.Stomach pain with constipation. HeartHeart complaints where there is difficulty in breathing while lying down(Dyspnoea).Heaviness in the heart with increased heart rate i.e. palpitations SleepAwake and restless at the night whereas dull in the day time.i.e. insomniaDose- As prescribed by the physician. Can be taken along with allopathy medicines.Precautions Maintain half an hour gap between food/drink/any other medicines and homeopathic medicine. Avoid any strong smell in the mouth while taking medicine e.g. camphor, garlic, onion, coffee, hing. Side effects- None reported Similar drugs- China off., Thuja, Nux vomica Use under medical supervision.