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 Product Use: Aesculus Hip is a chief remedy for hemorrhoids which are blind, painful, burning and purplish bleeding hemorrhoids. Rectum is sore with fullness, burning and itching. There is dryness of rectum with sensation as if rectum is full of small sticks. Knife like pains shoot up the rectum. Blind bleeding piles worse during menopause. Aesculus Hip also helps in constipation where stool is large, dry and very difficult to pass, followed by fullness of the rectum and there is intense pain in anus for hours. There is dryness and heat in the rectum, constipation with severe low back pain. Aesculus Hip also helps in itching caused due to threadworms. Aesculus Hip is also useful in treating varicose veins. Varicose veins are of purple color. There is aching and soreness in the limbs, backache affecting sacrum and hips. Aesculus patients may suffer from several dissimilar symptoms that may be caused by liver disorder , insipidness of the head and mind, depression and even fullness at the base of the nose. They may suffer from fullness and tenderness in the region around the liver. In such conditions, touching the abdomen causes pain. Such people may also suffer from jaundice with stools without bile . Use under medical supervision.